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High Vibe Medicine Arts

Manifesting Radiant Health and Radiant Wealth!

Transformational Services by Jenny

Experience abundance through rhythm & flow.
Living life on the vine.
Eating the rainbow.
Find joy through embracing laughter & happiness.
Allow your true authentic self to shine.



The HVMA Impact

Healing Hundreds of Clients with High Vibrational Frequencies 

"I saw Jenny some months ago now for sessions about my habits and relationships with food. Jenny has such an openness and passion about her relationship with food it made booking with her a no-Brainerd. During our sessions, I was slightly unprepared for the depth of emotions and memories that were coming up. I would have never connected the 2. Jenny made me feel so safe, comfortable, and supported. Truly holding space for me to move this energy through me and connect pieces together.  I left feeling lighter and having a better understanding of myself. As a result, I have a greater awareness and the ability to shift back into the correct mindset and practices more quickly. Limiting me "falling off the wagon " but I don't even really like that term. It does not do my new mindset justice. I now know what my body needs, and that is my focus. Not dieting or cutting things out. Being the biggest blessing because it takes the shame and guilt away. She's an amazing soul 100/10"

"This meal was beyond the scope of anything I could have imagined.  The amount of care and planning that went into this meal was done by someone with such a love of food and flavor combinations that I would have thought it was prepared by an established chef not someone presenting for a final exam.   Jen is a consummate flavor combination creator - I am looking forward to eating many of her meals in my future."

"Jen's coaching sessions help me feel my best each month. She takes the time to listen to my goals and help me achieve them. Thai message plus sound really help release the tension and make the stress melt away!"

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."


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