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Guiding you into awakening life changing energy shifts by bringing in laughter, rhythm, yoga sound mantra and flowing with food. Together we will manifest radiant health and radiant wealth.

As a holistic chef and food coach, sparking the wisdom within to be able to intuitively tap into your own unique frequency and how to consciously eat high vibrational food where fruits and vegetables are the star of the show bringing you freedom with food. 

Reiki & Sound Healing

I am an energy medicine practitioner, master sound healer and reiki master, these modalities are the foundational pieces that are weaved throughout all of my gifts and services.

I bring sound In my daily life and I am super passionate about it! With any service that I provide you will experience the powerful frequencies and healing that sound will bring to your mind,body and spirit!



Trained in SVA HA Yoga with Styles/Specialties that include: High Vibe Flow, Restorative Yoga, Stretch & Shavasana, Yoga Nidra, and Children's Yoga all infused with sound.

Each class depending on style is taught intuitively, based on the energy of the class itself. Incorporating laughter and dance to connect with ones magical inner child.

With a passion for working with kids I love being able show them how to ride the wave of authenticity and embrace their own uniqueness and creativity.. Guiding them to being kind, confident, full of life, and encouraging them to be way showers.


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