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Hari OM! I'm Jenny, creator of high vibe medicine arts. It was through life's adventures and experiences that led me to the healing path. One thing throughout this life that has spiraled through my own healing journey is being surrounded by addiction and my own struggles within addiction. We live in a world where nearly everyone is touched by addiction in some way, shape or form. I felt oppressed with my own struggles with alcohol and food which sent me on a mission to find freedom. Eleven years ago finding myself lost in addiction and coping with grief I stumbled on to the magic of reiki.


I continued to work with healers for many years but I always had an internal knowing that I still wasn't completely free and that reiki was just the beginning. Years later the universe would guide me to take a sound training and meet my first teachers/mentors Nicole and Ashley, this is where I first felt waves of truth igniting through my entire being and I knew I was in the right place. I apprenticed and received many different healing modalities from them when I was encouraged to further the healers journey with our mentor/teacher Lisa Ishwari Murphy, the healer's healer. This is when the magic truly began as this luminous being stood in the fire and gave us all a foundation that no one ever could!!! Through these sacred natural laws and transformational sessions with Lisa, I was able to begin to feel more happy and free. Healing with her has helped me to break agreement with limited beliefs, conditionings and generational trauma. This illuminated the path to become a medicine woman and live the formula that heals me.  My spiritual toolbox includes: Energy medicine, crystal energy, the synergy of sound healing, reiki, natural law, yoga, shamanic healing, holistic chef, plant medicine, plant-based eating, energetic life coaching, herbalism, and much more. 

I received my first 200-hour yoga certification from Sivananda Ashram Yoga in the Bahamas. This being a more traditional style of yoga lead me on a quest to find a freer style of teaching where the universe guided me to begin a mastery level of the yogic principles. I pulsed into the SVA HA Synergy of Sound Academy founded by Lisa Ishwari Murphy and facilitated by Co Directors Andrea and Neil of Power and Grace Yoga and expanded my yoga training for another 200 hours with a desire to continue.  

Continuing to break agreements and awaken my gifts led me on a voyage to high vibrational eating, it sparked a great passion for cooking and flowing with food. Where food was once and escapism for me into became an enlivened energy! Through SVA HA offerings of community meals I was awakened to the art of infusing bioscalar energy, natural law, reiki, intention, unconditional love and mantra soaring me into this conscious cosmic chef life. It's not the food that will set you free, its the truth! Applying my foundational gifts and connecting them with one of my favorite mantras that food is medicine. Graduating from an 800 hr holistic chef program at Bauman College has infinitely expanded my love and wisdom surrounding food and hydration and pairing it with my knowledge of herbs, plant and earth based medicine to bring you into high vibrational healing frequencies within your body, mind and spirit. Embodying life on the vine through high vibrational living and bringing food back to its roots. Manifesting radiant health and radiant wealth by igniting healthy food choices that showcase the rainbow. My offerings include but are not limited to: Private dinner parties, wellness retreats, chefs consults and cooking lessons, meal prepping, energetic food coaching, custom high vibe elixirs, and custom coaching packages which would include combining any or all of my healing specialties.


With a love for acquiring infinite wisdom and diamond mind clarity, I am committed to being a way shower by having the awareness that there is always room for more growth and expansion.  My shamballa and I are devoted to raising the consciousness of ourselves and humanity within our 5D Energy Medicine III class with our teacher and mentor Lisa Ishwari Murphy of Fairhaven Healing Arts. Lisa has orally transmitted me all of my foundational knowledge and I am grateful beyond the beyond for her and to be able to bring the SVA HA wisdom of all the teachings and experiences into my own life and to share them with the world.

The transformational journey I am on with Lisa and my shamballa has awakened me to my life's purpose and mission. Listening to my intuition along with my extraordinary mentors I am divinely guided to expand and grow while continuing to add seeds of wisdom to my spiritual garden. My souls mission is guiding others to find their own flow and laughter through yoga, sound, mantra and high vibrational eating and cooking. Joy and laughter are fabulous gifts that we can all use to tap into your magical inner child on the healing journey. It really sparks me to ignite the life force in others and empower them to live their highest authentic selves. Each day I set the intention to speak my truth from a kind and compassionate place, embody my authentic self and be the rainbow bridge to awaken the light of truth in others.

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