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My Healing History

My name is Jenny and I am fully dedicated to being a high vibe healer, it is through my own life experiences I was able to find my calling. One thing that resonates with me is how being surrounded by addiction affected me. We live in a world where nearly everyone is touched by addiction in some way, shape or form. It was working through my own struggles with alcohol and food that I learned to evolve. Through my studies I pushed myself to break down barriers of trauma while shifting gears towards healing and growth. It is important to share our truths and embrace what shapes us so we are able to arise as new, improved versions of ourselves on this spiritual journey. All I have endured and overcome has allowed my true authentic self to surface and lead me down this beautiful path of medicine arts.

I have over five years of experience in the energy field and look forward to many more. I began my personal healing journey through the magic of Reiki which lead me to become a medicine woman which I am very passionate about.  I have expanded my wisdom to include: Energy medicine, crystal energy, the synergy of sound healing, reiki, natural law, transformational bodywork, yoga, shamanic healing, plant medicine, plant-based eating, energetic life coaching, herbalism, and much more. 

I received my 200-hour yoga certification from Sivananda Ashram Yoga in the Bahamas first. This being a more traditional style of yoga lead me on a quest to find a more resonant style for my second 200-hour certification. Then I received my certification with Andrea and Neil of Power and Grace Yoga and the SVA HA Synergy of Sound Academy.


I thrive off of expanding my knowledge and intuitive skills by furthering my studies. I am currently in Energy Medicine III with my teacher and mentor Lisa Ishwari Murphy of Fairhaven Healing Arts. Lisa has taught me all of my foundational knowledge and I am grateful to bring the wisdom of all her teachings and experiences into my practices. 

With inspiration from my studies and valued mentors I constantly focus on growth and I am always adding tools to my spiritual toolbox. I am driven to help others find their flow and laughter in life through heart-based transformational energy work. Happiness is an important part of healing. I find a lot of joy in helping others increase their life force. 

I have had a powerful and life-changing experience through this work, I knew immediately this was a part of my life's purpose and mission.  It has illuminated that fact that I want nothing more but to continue to awaken the light of truth in others. Come start your healing journey with me.

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